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Submit your favorite content as well as share knowledge and experience with your fellow BestLEDLightreviews? We create an opportunity for you all around the world. It’s as much as easy for you to make an awesome article. One of our editors will contact you if your article meets all the criteria. After that, we will pay you $100? to your account. Therefore, you are keen on sharing your own renal and get paid $100 for each article. 

Our Target

We are BestLEDLightreviews blog, where an enormous number of lighting fixtures, especially LED lighting, and lighting enthusiasts go each day for attractive and informative content. 

There are a huge number of impeccable writers but we need more new writers who are absorbed in sharing wide knowledge with many different fields. 

Our blog is aimed at lighting fields. We hope that you are fond of many valuable articles and have the advantage of LED lighting, grow lighting or outdoor lighting in accordance with our request. 

Detailed Request

First, you are advised to submit a partial draft which summarizes the field you make a contribution to our blog. We will send you the feedback as soon as possible according to our evaluations. You need to make sure of the layout of your article before sending us, and we do not publish anything that is present elsewhere.

To be writing for BestLEDLightreviews, we consider some elements: 

The content

Everything on our blog is a connection with the readers. It means that things don’t go any other way out or user intent. We look for the best quality, credibility, and authenticity of the content. 


Provide the readers the full accurate information in lighting fields especially LED lighting.


You MUST be the author of the article. It is fully original as well as not published anywhere else. You cannot send articles to represent another person or copy content anywhere.

We consider it earnestly, therefore, one of our editors will check if the articles are original or not. We will find out what is related to your copy. As a result, you won't be chosen, as well as you will not have any opportunity to take part in writing the article for us.

What We Publish

We always propose that your articles are made with authenticity and credibility. 

The length between 1500-2000 words.

The guest posts are submitted in word format and not PDF.

After 8 business days, we will contact you if the article comes up to our expectations for publishing. On the contrary, if the article is not published, please feel comfortable to submit on other blogs. 

How to Submit

If you are ready to write for us, please contact us via email: [email protected]

How to pay

When the article is published after 48 hours, we will carry out paying via PayPal.

Some notices on the article

Use all of the requirements below in your posts on the site:

The article is in a range of 1500 – 2000 words long as well as there are no spelling mistakes.

The article is not allowed to advertise content or outgoing links.

The article must be according to the BestLEDLightreviews website. The web will publish in the Blog category. Some topics are recommended: 

Lighting fixtures

LED lighting (LED grow lights, LED flashlight, LED garage lights, LED nail lamp, LED christmas lights,...)

The article will be rejected by the editorial team for one of the common reasons:

The article is an advertorial and external links (please contact us for our advertising).

BestLEDLightreviews already has an article on exactly the same topic.

The article is written in the first person or full of spelling mistakes.

The article is published somewhere else before being sent to the editorial team.