The Best LED Track Lighting of 2023

  Sep 15, 2022 9:42 AM

We collected information of 5,689 reviews about the The Best Led Track Lighting on the market to come up with this list. You may see some major brands such as mirrea, CLOUDY BAY, WAC Lighting, Ascher, Unicozin. Before you make your purchase, read this first.

The Best LED Track Lighting of 2023
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The Best LED Track Lighting

LED track lightings are regarded as a fantastic choice for accent lighting or illuminating a particular area of the room.

Compared to other basic lighting solutions, these are simple to install, economical, adaptable, and make a terrific touch to your home's décor.

This adaptable and individualized interior lighting solution fixture (also known as a head) consists of a track or bar that mounts up to 8 lights, each of which has a lumen output of up to 800. These tracks are available in a range of shapes, locations, and fixture types.

To choose the best track lighting that meets your needs, we advise you to take into account the following crucial elements.

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Buyer's Guide

The LED track lighting creates a beautiful decorative design that illuminates the space by fixing numerous LED lights to a single track. It could be a little challenging to select the ideal alternative given the market's abundance of options.

The following are important things to keep in mind when looking for track lighting. Read through this tutorial to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how to choose the best solution for your needs.

1. Types:

There are three different types of LED track lighting: linear, flexible, and pendant. Every sort of track is utilized for particular purposes. To make an informed purchase, a user or buyer must be aware of these three tracks.

  • It contains a lot of lights and is positioned to move around easily on the bar because it is linear and includes several light fixtures on a single straight track.
  • Flexible: These tracks may be simply bent into a rounded shape that complements any room's design. As the name implies, this style of track lighting may be installed anywhere to provide aesthetically pleasing lighting.
  • You can extend the track from a down rod to a specific height using pendant lights. Every pendant may be adjusted to a different height to create a unique and intriguing lighting effect.

2. Count of Lights:

A track lighting fixture frequently has many lights that provide variety and sufficient brightness. With these different light configurations, you may point the lights in different directions to draw attention to certain aspects of a space or create ambient lighting. There are various LED track lighting solutions available, each of which typically offers a varied number of bulbs along a single track. These tracking mounts typically have capacities of 4, 6, or 8.

3. Wattage:

The wattage of your LED track lighting fixture will vary significantly depending on the kind of bulbs it uses. A pendant track kind of lighting fixture running with six 60-watt bulbs will require more than 350 watts, whereas track lighting with low-wattage LED bulbs uses about 20 to 30 watts.

4. Brightness:

Lumens are used to quantify light intensity (lm). The LED track lighting offers several brightness levels, just like other types of lighting. These track lights will often have a 400 to 800 lumen brightness range. Brighter lighting will be produced by a model with a higher lumen count.

For instance, 50-watt halogen track lighting fixtures provide around 500 lumens per bulb, whereas 60-watt incandescent track lighting fixtures would create 800 lumens per bulb. The majority of professionals advise basing your decision on the size of your room and the needed intensity of brightness. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is crucial to take the track lighting fixture's brightness into account.

7. Compatible light bulbs:

You must check that the light bulbs you buy will work with the track lighting heads before you buy them. In general, dichroic, reflector, or GU10 bulbs are used in track lighting. You must use a brighter, more attractive bulb, such as an Edison bulb or carbon filament bulb, if you are employing pendant heads or track lighting.

8. Bulb Types:

In this track lighting, light bulbs are highly important. The lumens, color temperature, and wattage of the light bulb, among other things, will also have a significant impact on the brightness of your space or room.

Halogen and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are frequently used in track lighting. Among these, LED track lights are regarded as the ideal choice because they are cost-effective, energy-efficient, cool to the touch, and they result in less damage to artwork.

9. Adjustability:

The track lighting can create enough lighting for the entire room when many light sources are mounted on a single track. However, lighting fixtures can be changed to focus on other areas of the space. Generally speaking, certain fixtures are fixed to a specific location on the track, while others can be moved to any location along the track for greater adaptability.

The various lighting fixtures that provide the space with general illumination must be adjusted to create ambient lighting, or they can be directed towards specific objects like pieces of furniture or artwork.

10. Design:

One of the most affordable methods to improve your home's interior decor is using track lighting. Even at sizes up to 8 feet long, these are noticeable. Regarding the design, these track lights come in a variety of looks, from conventional to farmhouse-retro. As a result, you can quickly browse through these various designs to pick the greatest and most distinctive alternative that complements your home's décor.

Keep in mind that designer track lighting is slightly more expensive. If you don't have a strict budget, make sure to consider how the design of the track lighting fixture you choose will complement your house's interior design.

Go with compact profile lighting to avoid cumbersome, outdated track lights. Check models, for instance, that contrast or match your ceiling. In order to create a modern appearance, choose a striking black fixture on white walls. A single track with movable heads, however, is always modern.

11. Installation:

The track lights need to be mounted between 18 and 24 inches from the wall where you wish to illuminate the space. This will ensure a precise installation. However, it is advised to consult the manufacturer's instructions (user manual) to have a clear picture of how to install it properly and to learn any safety advice, warnings, or cautions. The installation of equipment from different companies differs slightly, which is the cause. If you are unsure, speak with a licensed electrician or a corporate representative.

12. Task vs. Decorative Lighting

It goes without saying that track lighting will have multiple uses. The majority of track lighting kits provide a broad beam of lights for a decorative appearance. They are thus ideal for general illumination requirements as a result.

With track heads that provide a more concentrated light beam, monorail and linear systems are the ideal choice for task lighting in workshops and for highlighting plants, works of art, or architectural aspects.

13. Price:

As is common knowledge, a product's price will mostly be determined by its features, warranty, brand, and build quality. However, these LED track lights will often cost between $25 and $300. (or more). You must choose the item in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities.

14. Warranty:

You must examine the warranty provided by the specific manufacturer on their lighting fixture before purchasing them if you want to guarantee the sturdiness and endurance of your selected LED track lighting. While the majority of products have a 1- or 2-year warranty, some may have a 5- or even lifetime warranty. Peace of mind is provided by a model with a longer warranty because they can easily last longer with good use.

Before buying a specific product, experts advise checking the customer service as well as internet reviews and ratings.

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1. How are track lighting heads changed?

To remove this track light fixture from the track, just depress the locking tab of the fixture and turn it counterclockwise. You must press a new lighting head into the locking tab and turn it in the clockwise direction to add one.

2. Does track lighting require a junction box?

Yes, you need a junction box to install most track lighting. Since each of these track lights has its own fixture, you can easily wire the entire installation using just one junction box.

3. What number of lights should we install on the track lighting?

Simply put, it is based on a specific fixture. Typically, track lighting will have between three and eight lamps. Some models have a little bit more lighting in their track. Depending on the area of the room or location where you wish to install this fixture, we advise you to select the appropriate amount of lights.

4. What distinguishes J-style track lighting from L-style track lighting?

To tell the difference between J-style and L-style track lighting, look at the contacts on the light heads. When the connections are 0.78 inches apart or less, the track lighting is often in the L style, but when the contacts are 1 inch apart, the lighting is in the J style.

5. How are these track lights removed or changed?

To successfully replace the track lighting, you must first detach the fixture from the electrical box, then disconnect all three wires, and finally remove the fixture.

6. Which types of bulbs are appropriate for the track lighting?

The number of light bulbs used depends greatly on the type of light fixture. Most track lighting installations employ MR16 halogen bulbs, which are highly popular. Next on the list will be GU10 size LED bulbs, while others will use regular incandescent light bulbs. However, before buying the fixture, make sure to check the pack to see which light bulb will fit in it adequately or whether the bulbs come with the unit.

7. Should we install track lighting in place of the fluorescent lights?

You can replace these bulbs without a doubt. To make track lighting operate, all that is required is to attach it to the same wiring as a fluorescent light.

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Final Words

Even lighting fixtures have advanced significantly over time, much like the majority of other home appliances. Even track lighting fixtures, which these days use LED light bulbs for improved brightness output at a reduced power consumption for better efficiency, fall under this category. We've included some of the greatest LED track lightings in this article since they not only function well but also look amazing.

Keep reading to learn more about the best products and how they compare to models from other brands, such as: