The Best Edison Light Bulb of 2023

  Sep 19, 2022 9:11 AM

Finding the The Best Edison Light Bulb for your need? Here are our top picks. Before you make a purchase, read this first.

The Best Edison Light Bulb of 2023
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The Best Edison Light Bulb

The distinct, rustic design and vintage charm Edison light bulbs quickly impart to your room are among the key reasons people continue to purchase them today. Many people also adore the cozy warm glow that they associate with Edison light bulbs, even though they are now accessible in a wide range of color temperatures thanks to LED technology. The fact that many Edison light bulbs can be dimmed makes them an alluring choice for distinctive light fixtures or soft mood lighting to produce an unforgettable environment in your space.

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Buyer's Guide

When choosing where to place them, consumers have more flexibility and convenience thanks to some Edison light bulbs' compatibility with dimmers. Buying light bulbs that won't work with dimmers will cause a hum or flicker and could even harm the bulb.

Temperature of color
The color temperature of a bulb, which ranges from 1,000 kelvins to 10,000 kelvins, affects mood and atmosphere. Soft, warm light, like the glow from a candle, can be found at the very bottom of the spectrum.

As you go up the scale, colder, bluer light becomes more prevalent. When bright lighting up an area is vital, use cool light in bathrooms and kitchens and warm light in cozier, more private spaces like bedrooms.

Depending on the product, the bulb's form and filament's style may differ. The end of the bulb may or may not have a dimpled or prominent tip and might be of the hairpin, tube, or globe form. These typical shapes may also come in other versions.

To improve the visual, the filament can be spun into a helix, spiral, or even a cage shape.

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1. What makes watts and lumens different from one another?

A light bulb's power is expressed in watts. Lumens are units used to measure light output. The two are not directly related because efficiency and, by extension, light output, depend on whether a bulb is incandescent or LED. For well-lit areas like kitchens, it is recommended to use about 75 lumens per square foot, whereas for private spaces like bedrooms, it is recommended to use about 30 lumens per square foot.

2. How do I locate the appropriate lamp for the socket?

To ensure a proper fit, match the bulb base to the socket; each base is designated with a letter and a number to indicate compatibility. There are just a handful of different types of bases, all of which begin with the letter "E." Light bulb shapes are likewise identified by a complicated combination of numbers and letters, but unlike bases, there are many options available.

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Making an informed decision is obvious because investing in excellent Edison light bulbs can completely change the atmosphere of your favorite area. Check out our selections to find the best Edison light bulbs for your room, whether your goal is to achieve the true warmth of an incandescent bulb or the ease and cost savings of an LED.

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