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2-Pack 480 LED Solar Fairy String Lights Outdoor, Total 170ft Twinkle String Lights Porch Garden Decor, Waterproof Solar Rope Lights Starlight Decorative Copper Wire Light for Backyard Patio


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Product info:

• Part Number solar light
• Warranty One year.
• Color White
• Number Of Items 2

Product features

2 Packs each 85 FT-Single string twinkle lights 85 feet long and includes 240 tiny LED lights. They come on a flexible copper wire, allowing you to easily bend them into a number of different configurations.It has eight operating modes, allowing you to select the lights to flicker, fade, or create a firefly effect. It also has an internal memory, so it will recall the last setting you used.

Based on solar power, they integrate light sensor controls that activate the solar lights automatically at dusk. They also include an ON/OFF switch for manual activation. Moreover, the fairy lights feature an IP65 waterproof rating protection that guarantees performance under heavy rain and snow.These lights are also safe to use indoors, though the solar panel will have a hard time charging completely if it’s not in direct sunlight.

The solar panel can be placed up to 6 feet away from the first LED bulb and has a high conversion efficiency with an adjustable tilt range up to 90°. Also this string light is set on a flexible copper wire that can be manipulated into a number of different shapes, allowing you to easily wrap it around furniture or a pergola.

This  LED 8 Modes solar powered outdoor starry string lights are perfect for you if you love decorating for Christmas. These string lights are the perfect choice to light up outdoor Christmas decorations in your yard, home garden, or patio.

Solar starry lights use renewable energy, and thus, it is more eco-friendly. They help in saving the environment. On the other hand, conventional lights rely on traditional power sources. You can place solar string lights anywhere, as they don’t depend on the availability of power sources.

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