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Puncools Solar Ground Light, 8 Packs IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Disk Light, Solar Powered Warm White LEDs Ground Lights for Night Deco &Lighting of Gardens, Yards, Pathways, Walkways

By Puncools

  100 reviews

Product info:

• Model SGL-001
• Color Warm White
• Number Of Items 8

Product features

Powerful Super-bright LEDs. Each pack is powered with rechargeable 100mAh batteries and extra bright LEDs, providing 6 to 8 hrs illumination for your garden, yard, driveways and pathways at night.

Easy to Use. Automatic On/Off with the built-in light sensors. It charges directly from the sunlight during daytime with the wide solar panel at the top of the disk light.

Quick Installation. Turn on the switch and push the spikes into ground, soil, deck or floors at appropriate depth. Clean the dust on the panel regularly for a better performance.

Durable Design. Heavy-duty ABS material endures up to 100 KGs pressure to the in-ground light. IP65 waterproof level makes it resistant to extreme weather, confident with storm, blizzard, rain or frost.

1-Year Warranty. Hassle-free return or replacement if not 100% satisfied. Leave us a message with your queries.

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