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50ft RGB Led Strip Lights, Volivo Color Changing Led Light Strips Kit with Remote Control, Led Lights for Bedroom, Room, Home Decoration


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Product info:

• Part Number R35-75NWF-02
• Model V-R35-75NWF-02
• Color Multicolor
• Size 50ft

Product features

Rgb and Diy Colors: Led lights for bedroom built in 20 default colors and diy customized colors function; Led strip lights can be changed in multi colors, speed automatically and periodically; fade, flash, jump and brightness controls function are easy to set the led light strips

Durable and Widely Used: Led light strips can be used for 50000 hours with low power consumption; Multipurpose led lights for bedroom, living room, wall, kitchen, tables, tv and seasonal decoration

Directly Control: Led strip lights with 44 keys ir remote can meet your difference mood lighting demands; Led lights with 26 feet strong signal ir remote sensing range, no need to worry about control issue on multicolor led light strips

Strong Adhesive and Easy Installation: Led light strips comes with unique stronger foam adhesive, makes the color changing led strip lights easily stuck on the dry and clean surface; Flexible to install our led lights for bedroom or indoor use

Safe and Professional: The 12v led lights use double layer copper board, the led light strips meets the safety standard; led strip lights power supply is under safe value for adults and kids

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