Best Wake Up Light For 2023

  Sep 12, 2022 1:54 AM

Want an informative review about the Best Wake Up Light before making a purchase? Our objective and professional editors in the lighting industry are constantly researching and testing dozens of products on the market to come up with this list. Reading it carefully will give you the confidence to make the right buying decision.

Best Wake Up Light For 2023
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Best Wake Up Light

The best wake up lights are a need if you want to have a smoother, more enjoyable day since, let's face it, nobody likes waking up to a loud alarm clock every morning. Wake-up lights employ light and sound to gently rouse you in the morning, as its name implies. Wake-up lights attempt to imitate the rising sun, which was once used by humans before alarm clocks to signal the beginning of the day. Quite a brilliant idea.

The most effective wake-up lights gradually brighten your bedroom over time, allowing you to awaken from a restless sleep at your own speed. Many of them also contain audio options, such as FM radio or various natural noises, so if you have trouble falling asleep, you can choose to have soft music play before you get out of bed. The wind-down mode is located opposite the AM setting; it replicates the sunset by gradually getting darker, alerting your body that it is time to go to bed.

Wake up lights are currently available from several tech businesses, and due to their popularity, the general market has been overrun with them recently. We've chosen the best wake up light that will improve your lifestyle by enabling you to get a better night's sleep as well as wake up feeling happier and more invigorated. Any more suggestions? You might benefit from our list of the top sleeping applications.

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Buying Guides

With so many alternatives available, it's critical to understand how wake-up lights differ from one another in order to choose one that best meets your specific requirements.
We'll highlight the key characteristics you should look for when purchasing a wake up light so you can make an educated decision.

Wake-Up Options

The functions and settings that are available for wake-up lights frequently vary. Many wake-up lights mimic the hues of the sunrise, while others just get brighter.
Wake-up lights may also have a conventional auditory alarm with ambient noises or an FM radio to go along with the light alarm.

Features to wind down

Some wake-up lights also have options for sunset simulation in addition to sunrise. This feature aids users in unwinding before going to sleep by gently dimming and changing colors. Other features for winding down could be meditations or calming natural sounds.

Backup Battery

Wake-up lights are frequently USB- or AC-powered. Some will have a backup battery to make sure the light continues to function in the case of a power outage. Users benefit from enhanced security as a result of this. Normally, the backup battery is not meant to serve as the main power supply, and it needs to be changed frequently.


Value is a key factor for consumers, and the majority will want to weigh the price of a wake-up light against the functions it offers. Customers who want a wake-up light with extra features like smart home integration or wind-down settings may be willing to pay a premium price. Others might prefer a more affordable style that is simpler.

Smart Elements

Wake-up lights are only one example of the increasing number of household items with smart home connectivity.
Although many wake-up lights are Alexa and Google Home compatible, it's not uncommon for a manufacturer to offer their own app or premium service. Wake-up lights may frequently be configured and controlled using these smart gadgets from outside the house or using voice commands.


Each wake-up light is unique in its design, color scheme, and shape. There is a wide selection of wake-up lights to appeal to a variety of buyers, even though not every wake-up light's style may suit your particular preference or blend in with your bedroom decor.
Some wake-up lights allow for multicolored lighting in addition to wake-up and wind-down color variations. This might enable a light to closely match the color scheme of a room or appeal to people who desire a personalized choice.


A digital clock is often included with wake-up lights. Others might have a touchscreen that works or display more information. To prevent disturbing sleep, certain displays may also include a night mode or fully shut off.

Other Qualities

Wake-up lights may also include sleep stories or guided meditations, which can be utilized independently or in conjunction with other wind-down elements, in addition to some of the more typical features. Some versions additionally come with dedicated reading light and night light modes.
Some wake-up lights combine with an app and allow you to download more selections as they become available for wake-up or wind-down sounds.

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  • How do dawn alarms function?

Sunrise alarms gently arouse you to wake you up rather than waking you up with a loud noise like a conventional alarm.
The sunrise settings of the wake-up light invigorate your vision. Some wake-up lights can be accompanied by the sound of nature or the radio.

  • Are alarm clock lights healthy for you?

Alternatives to conventional alarms that are more naturally occurring include wake up lights. One of the most crucial aspects for your circadian rhythm, which determines your ability to go to sleep and wake up at regular times, is exposure to light.
This kind of alarm softly wakes you up by replicating the sunrise with a steady increase in brightness.

  • What color light is the greatest for waking up to?

The majority of wake-up lights are yellow to mimic the brightness of the sun. Your body naturally tends to associate this energizing color with morning.
Purple and red are frequently utilized to simulate the sunset and may be better for falling asleep.

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Final Thought

The best wake up lights, also known as the sunrise lamps, are made to bring you up more gently and in time with your body's natural rhythms. They accomplish this by gradually arousing you with a light that mimics the rising sun. Many come with a sunrise cycle intended to assist you wake up in the morning, and the most of them have the option to add sounds toward the conclusion of the cycle, just to make sure you're up when you need to be.