Best Smart Light Switches Of 2023

  Aug 31, 2022 9:09 AM

We collected information of 28,215 reviews about the Best Smart Light Switches on the market to come up with this list. You may see some major brands such as MoesGo, Kasa Smart, Philips Hue, meross, Leviton, OHMAXX, Lesim, GE Lighting. Before you make your purchase, read this first.

Best Smart Light Switches Of 2023
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Best Smart Light Switches

Tired of not being able to use your phone to control your ceiling lights? happy news Most of the light fixtures in your house can be retrofitted to become web-connected.

Many of us have the option of using smart light switches instead of going through the effort of replacing outdated lightbulbs with new ones. Smart light switches are simple to install and manage, offering many of the same benefits as today's top smart bulbs, whether at home or on the move. Here is a compilation of the top smart light switches currently on the market for your consideration.

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Our Top Pick

1. Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200P3

Kasa Smart provides hands-free, remote convenience, and security to your home using your 2.4G Wi-Fi network. Download the Kasa app, and it will walk you through the installation procedure. But keep in mind that a neutral wire and a typical wall plate size are required.

Once installed, you can use the app to control lighting remotely, establish schedules, and activate "away mode," which erratically switches on and off lights to deceive potential attackers. Simply speak to turn on the lights when you enter a dark room at home. Kasa's three-pack is an economical option that will ultimately save energy and is UL approved for safety.

2. Smart Light Switch Treatlife

The smart light switches from Treatlife may be installed by yourself, wiring and everything, as long as you have a neutral wire. These switches only connect to your devices over 2.4G Wi-Fi and are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so if you have a 5G network, they might not be the best choice for you.

With this four-pack, you may update more than one switch in your house so that you can use voice control without your hands when you enter the room. The smart life app allows you to schedule tasks, check the status of your lights, and turn them on and off with a single tap. It can also be used to operate smart switches.

3. 3 Way Smart Light Switch 4 Pack

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How We Chose the Best Smart Light Switches

switch kind
Choosing a smart switch type frequently begins with deciding which existing switch (or switches) you want to replace. A single-pole switch in a single position is the most fundamental. A smart switch that supports that type of wiring is required to replace 3-way switches that control a group of lights from two locations. Some smart switches also make it simple to add additional switches.

After there, you may choose whether you want additional features like a dimmer or motion sensors rather than just an on/off toggle. If your home already has a full complement of smart gadgets, you might want to think about getting a switch with a display that acts as a central control panel.

Another area where it helps to assess what your home already employs is compatibility. Using Apple devices and the Siri voice assistant is a typical example. While Google Home and Amazon Alexa are supported by the majority of smart switches, HomeKit-compatible models are less prevalent.

The possibilities for connecting your switches are expanded by an increasing number of larger smart home environments, such as Z-Wave wireless or brand-specific smart hubs. You probably won't like having to use a new platform or app only for your smart switches if you already use one and are satisfied and accustomed to it.

If you don't have a neutral wire at the switch's location, your options for smart switches may be limited. Even though many in-wall smart gadgets need it, neutral wire usage was not mandated for houses built before the 1980s. For a smart switch, adding neutral wiring may be more bother than it's worth. To eliminate the bother, you can discover smart switches with no neutral that work with specific brands and goods.

Some smart switches attempt to simplify installation by using various electrical box sizes or simplified wiring, however for the majority of goods, installation is already rather straightforward. If you're skeptical of the procedure, use an electrician because it still includes electrical work and significant risks.

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How does a smart switch for lights operate?
It establishes a wireless connection to your smart home assistant using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or radio signal (through a secure hub).

Are hubs required for smart light switches?
Others do require a hub, while some can connect straight to your home's Wi-Fi network. If one is needed or not, it will be stated in the product description.

Why is a neutral wire required for smart switches?
The electrical system of your home's neutral wiring, which is often white in color, completes the circuit by returning electrical currents to the power source. It ensures that electricity is always available, which is what smart switches require. A standard smart switch requires some power even when it is off in order to stay connected to your network and determine when to come back on.

Some smart switches can operate without a neutral wire, but doing so frequently requires additional technology (such as a specific smart hub), which drives up their cost and restricts their functionality.

Can a smart light switch be installed without a neutral wire?
Yes, in some circumstances, but always check the installation manual to see if a neutral wire is necessary.

Final Throughts

Making the transition to smart switches can be very sensible. One way to improve your home's energy efficiency is to use a smartphone app to remotely control your lights. Enabling vacation mode, which sporadically switches the lights on and off to deceive potential attackers, might help lessen security hazards.

Install and run everything from your phone instead. There is a smart switch available for you, regardless of the characteristics you select. This manual offers advice for every household, whether you're an expert in home automation or just getting started.