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Best RGB LED Strips Of 2022 For PCs: Guide & Reviews

Looking for the best RGB LED strips for PCs? We offer you short reviews of our top picks, and an extensive buying guide to help you illuminate your gaming setup.

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As gamers, it is safe to say that we are constantly in the mood of upgrading our PC components to catch up with the latest and greatest trends. But despite all these gear renovations, we never truly customize our PC equipment to the level that we want – something is still missing.

Taking your gaming setup to the next level in terms of aesthetics without much maintenance has never been easier with LED lightings. And here is our comprehensive guide to the best RGB LED strips for PC. Let’s get to it:


In short, RGB LED strips consist of numerous strips formed by small LED lights. “RGB” stands for red, green and blue – which are the classic interchanging colors of LED lights, but there are more advanced options out there that offer a wider variety of color options.

As for the reason for choosing LED as the light of choice, there are many benefits that this specific type of lighting brings to the table. Most notably, it can last longer while generating less heat and consuming less energy than other types of lighting. Different vibrant colors, consistent brightness, and the environment-friendly nature are obviously additional bonuses.

RGB LED strips are widely used for PCs, especially gaming ones since they allow the users to add a unique aesthetic and elevate the whole desktop to a new level. Being able to match all the components of your PC together with glowing LED lights is cool – and you can even set specific lighting patterns and advanced syncs through the use of software. Internet shops will often decorate their PCs with these accessories to promote eSports, and Internet café will take advantage of this decoration as a way to make their places more attractive.


1. Phanteks Multi Color LED Strips


  •  Length: 2m

  • Width: 5.9 inch

  • Lighting sources: 105

  • Wattage: 25.2W


  • Compatible with many types of glass

  • Decent color selectivity

  • Easy installation


  • Lack of diffusion

2. NZXT Hue 2 LED Strips


  • Length: 258mm

  • Width: 10mm

  • Lighting sources: 10


  • Quick reaction time

  • Various lighting modes

  • Easy individual control and setup


  • Fan and controller comes separately

3. Aiyide RGB LED Strip Lights


  • Length: 500mm

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Lighting sources: 18

  • Wattage: 7.2W


  • Easy installation

  • Remote control with advanced functions

  • Great for tech fans’ applications


  • A few confusing features

4. DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips


  • Length: 280mm

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Width: 165mm


  • Affordable

  • Remote control

  • Cool colors and effects


  • Limited capabilities

5. Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Starter Kit


  • Length: 2x 450mm + 2x 250mm

  • Lighting sources: 27 (450mm strip) + 15 (250mm strip)

  • Width: 133mm


  • Remarkable media synchronization

  • Audio visualization

  • Built-in light diffusion

  • Impressive possibilities


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

For simple-purpose products such as RGB LED strips, you would be amazed by the number of options that are available out there on the market. However, with those aforementioned 5 options, you are bound to find the perfect product from the brand that you need. And if you want to know more about how we choose our recommendations and apply them to find the one that suits your needs – here is what to look for when buying RGB LED strips for PC:

  • Length: For RGB LED strips, their lengths can vary anywhere from 400 millimeters to 1 or 2 meters. Most users prefer longer strips of about 1-2 meters since they are long enough to cover the majority of PC cases without leaving many excessive strips unused. However, your strips’ ideal length should be considered based on your specific case’s dimensions – and you always have the option of cutting the strip to fit what you need.

  • Width: Other than length, the width of your RGB LED strips is another dimension that you should pay attention to when buying. In short – going wider will result in fuller lights. The recommended width for such strips is around 250 millimeters – but feel free to look around and consider if that width suits the look that you are going for or not.

  • Color options: Red, green and blue are the typical colors that you often see on RGB LED strips – and there is nothing wrong with being classical and sticking to those colors. However, if you want your PC case to be more playful – there are options that come with 10, 12 or even more colors for you to try.

  • Running time: For your RGB LED strips, you want the best longevity out of them with the least maintenance efforts. You also do not want to replace them often, and LED lights certainly will not disappoint. The majority of these strips can last for 10,000 hours of non-stop working – and this number should be used as a standard when choosing your own option. If you can find others that can last even longer, then you have a winner.

  • Adjustability: With any type of lighting, having the ability to dim or change the colors is often appreciated by customers. All RGB LED strips are not created equal, and if you are looking for advanced features like these – expect to pay a bit more money for those programmed modes.

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How many types of LED strips out there on the market?

When it comes to LED light strips, you can find 3 common types readily available:

  • Flexible LED light strips are usually used for lighting PC cases and other unusual spaces, due to their pliable nature.

  • Rigid LED light strips are basically LED tapes on a frame made from metal – and often used for outdoor applications.

  • Silicone LED light strips consist of LED strips wrapped in silicone and are known for their elastic nature. These options are recommended for accent lighting or applications that involve things with round or spherical edges.

How can these LED strips be installed?

For easy installation, LED strip lights come with adhesives and cutting marks as guidelines. Get a pair of scissors and cut through these marks to shorten the strips to your desired length. Next, remove the protective tape from the adhesives and paste the strips onto your PC case in whichever pattern that you like. Finally, plug them in and let them glow.

How can you figure out the power supply needed to operate these strips?

Different electric applications require different power sources, and RGB LED light strips are no different. Fortunately, you do not have to be an expert to calculate the wattage power needed to run them. The wattage information of these strips can be found on the manufacturer’s website or manual – so make sure to check that out first.

After that, multiply the wattage/meter ratio of each LED light strip with its length (in meters). And if you have many strips together, add the number to get the total power required to operate them.

How can you connect these strips to the power supply?

Usually, you can connect your LED strips to the power supply in the following ways:

  • Directly: With a custom-made power supply, you can hardwire these LED strips to your main power source in a way that eliminates electrical risks and optimizes their longevity.

  • Indirectly: With an appropriate power supply adapter, you can connect your LED strips to a power socket of choice.

Why do LED strips flicker?

The difference in power supply (AC vs DC) might be the cause of flickering – and the solution is a high-quality LED driver. Moreover, leaving your strips too long (past the maximum length as instructed by the manufacturers) can also result in unwanted flickering or dimming. In this case, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instruction to ensure optimal results.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a streamer or a gamer, RGB LED strips are a fantastic way to spice your gear game up with colorful vibes. By taking the time out to properly decorate your PC setup with those flashing lights, you are bound to elevate your whole gaming experience to the next level. 

For the aesthetic value and several unique features that it brings, Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Starter Kit is certainly one of the best RGB LED strips for PC out there. However, if you are on a budget - Aiyide RGB LED Strip Lights or NZXT Hue 2 LED Strips are solid alternatives as well. 

If the PC is where you spend most of your productive time, then investing in RGB LED strips as decoration is certainly worth it. Make your purchase decision now, and let those awesome colors glow when you get to do what you love the most. Gaming.

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