Best Puck Light of 2023

  Sep 15, 2022 8:42 AM

Finding the Best Puck Light is not an easy task, especially online. So we did it for you. Here is the review of the 10 Best Puck Light in 2023 by professionals. Check it out before you make any purchase.

Best Puck Light of 2023
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Best Puck Light

Small ambient lights called puck lights are most frequently utilized in homes and small businesses. It illuminates without a glaring brightness or excessive heat.

These lights are available in either a round or oval shape, and mounting them on a variety of materials including wood, tile, Velcro, or worktops is simple. The majority of these are LED lights with a narrower beam that can illuminate small spaces.
After carefully examining a number of items, we created a list of the Best Puck Lights. Continue reading to learn how to select the ideal puck lights for your house.

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Buyer's Guide

We advise you to read through this manual to choose your best course of action.

Look more closely at the things to keep in mind when looking for the best puck lights.

1. Count of Lights:
Because puck lights are so simple to install throughout the house or office, you might end up buying a lot of them. The majority of these puck lights, however, come in packs of several lights. Therefore, select a puck light pack size of 3 or 6 lights rather than placing numerous orders. A pack of 12 lights that gives great value for the money may be included with some puck lights.

2. Brightness:
Lumens are units used to measure light intensity. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is imperative to observe the light's output level of brightness. As a general rule, more lumens equate to more power and brightness in a light source. Puck lights typically produce light that is between 50 and 80 lumens bright, although some LED bulbs produce light that is significantly brighter, at 200 or 500 lumens.

3. Running Time of the Battery:
Typically, we place puck lights within cabinets or cupboards, out of reach of electrical outlets. Instead, they use AA or AAA rechargeable batteries, which are changeable. Make sure to check the battery life (or its running time) and choose a model with a lengthy battery life if you don't want to change the batteries very frequently.

The typical battery life rating ranges from 60 to 100 hours of continuous use. Purchase motion sensor puck lights instead of standard puck lights to extend the life of your batteries. These lights only come on when you open the cabinet or cupboard and switch off once you close it. While remote-controlled puck lights use less energy than motion sensor lights, by a little margin.

4. Color:
These ambient lights come in a variety of colors, enabling you to alter the style and appearance of your interior area. These lights come in single, bi-color, and RGB color variations.

5. Dimmer Function:
The majority of LED puck lights provide this dimmer option. If the light is too bright for you, you can reduce or dim it. Additionally, you may adjust the light brightness or dimmer with a remote control to make these lights more comfortable for you. The majority of dimmable LED lights, however, can only be dimmed down to 40%, not from 100% to 0%.

6. Controls:
In addition to offering color-changing possibilities, puck lights also let you adjust the brightness of the light to your preferences. The control choices provided by the puck lights must be carefully considered before purchase.

Many puck lights have a remote control to make them even easier to use. Changing specific settings, such as color, power mode, brightness, or setting a timer, is simple when utilizing a remote control. Additionally, it is a low-energy choice that enables remote control operation of the light.

7. Voltage:
Puck lights may operate on either high voltage or low voltage because they are battery-powered. However, in terms of energy savings, both are comparable. Low-voltage lighting, on the other hand, allows you to utilize smaller light fixtures and generates less heat to keep you comfortable than high-voltage lighting.

8. Installation:
It's simple to attach or install these battery-powered puck lights wherever you choose. You just need to remove the cover off the majority of these lights and glue it to the desired location. While some use magnets to become stuck. In order to find items in cabinets and cupboards in your house or business, you can choose whichever of these light models suits you best.

9. Warranty:
To make sure they are dependable and last longer, the majority of these lights employ LED bulbs. To be on the safe side, you should check the warranty that the puck lights come with. The majority of these puck lights have a 1-year warranty, but some models even have 1.5-year warranties available.

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1. Where may these puck lights be installed or used?

Both home and business settings employ puck lights. Due to their lower size and greater light outputs, you may utilize these puck lights throughout your entire home.

There are several uses for it, including in ceiling lights, under-cabinet lighting, closets, shelving, walkways and outdoor spaces, offices, and inside kitchen cabinets, pantries, or drawers.

2. How long will the life of these LED puck lights be?

LED puck lights come in a variety of finishes to match your current hardware or decor. These lights have an expected lifespan of 20,000–50,000 hours. Using LED puck lights for an average of three hours per day will extend their lifespan to roughly 22 years. LED lights typically have a long lifespan because they deteriorate gradually with time. Find the specification listed on the pack based on typical daily usage if you want to know the precise lifetime of the LED lights.

3. Which LED light does under cabinet lighting the best?

Since we perform daily duties in the under-cabinet space, adequate lighting is crucial. The equal distribution of light from the LED under cabinet lighting will cover the entire surface. Therefore, before making a purchase, you must determine which light is best for you. For under cabinet lighting, we typically utilize either puck lights or stick lights/strip lights.

  • Choose puck lights if you wish to spread/cover lighting throughout the surface with fewer light fixtures by choosing a 90° or larger beam angle.
  • To provide efficient illumination throughout the cabinets, use adhesive-backed strip light rolls (16.4 feet) or join two strips together.
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Final Thoughts

A puck lamp can be a terrific way to add ambient lighting inside of dressing cabinets, under kitchen cabinets, and below any other type of furniture you might have in your home. Due to their small size and ease of installation, these lights can provide ambient illumination that is very bright.

Keep reading to learn more about the best products and how they compare to models from other brands, such as: