Best Light Bars for Trucks Of 2023

  Dec 19, 2022 3:31 PM

If you’re in the market for the Best Light Bars For Trucks in November 2023, here’s what’s marked down for you. Our talented team has spent many years testing out the Best Light Bars For Trucks for a living. Here is the stuff we’d buy.

Best Light Bars for Trucks Of 2023
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Best Light Bars for Trucks

Off-roading can be a ton of fun, and some trucks were just made for it, especially when equipped with light bars.

When you can see more of the road at night while driving in the backcountry, it is safer. Before LEDs made affordable and reliable lighting more widespread, there were fewer available options.
However, these days there are a lot of different ways to convert your truck into an off-road vehicle. We are going to provide some illumination on the topic of light bars and examine some of the most formidable competitors in the industry.

Let's drive on!

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Buying Guide

When deciding which light bar to purchase, you should examine the following factors: the light bar's length, beam pattern, number of light rows, and water resistance. Each of these aspects will impact the performance of your light bar as a whole.

The majority of light bars are between four and five feet in width, and this determines where they can be mounted. When picking the size of the light bar, it is important to consider its intended function.

Beam Pattern
Light bars typically feature several beam patterns. Flood beam patterns illuminate the widest area, whilst spot beams provide a more concentrated region of illumination. The majority of our recommendations include both.

Count of Columns
Single- and dual-row LED light bars are available. In regards to light bars, less is not necessarily better. A single row provides benefits if your needs are straightforward and you don't require many selections. Single row light bars are more compact and have a lower profile, blending in with the majority of automobiles. Fewer lumens and setup possibilities are among the disadvantages.

Dual-row light bars feature twice the light output of single-row light bars and more customization choices. Moreover, a double-row bar will provide you with extra setup options. Fewer placement alternatives are a disadvantage. Finding a model that fits your vehicle without causing more drag might be difficult. Even a slight increase in drag has an effect on fuel economy, which you may not notice.

Resistant to Water
Because your light bar is exposed to the weather, waterproofing is crucial. Consider the water-resistance rating as a crucial criterion when making a purchase. Two pieces of information constitute the ingress protection (IP) rating.

IP ratings are comprised of two integers, the first of which describes resistance to solid objects. Water resistance is described by the second number. More resistance corresponds to a higher grade. IP57 indicates that a product is dust-resistant and submersible to a depth of one meter for thirty minutes.

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How can I select a light bar for my pickup truck?
The wattage of a light bar indicates how much power it requires from your vehicle. Finding a light bar that emits the same amount of lumens while consuming less power will help you avoid draining the vehicle's battery.

Is 12V or 24V better for LED lights?

The voltage of an LED system can be matched to a specific power supply voltage by setting the LEDs in a specific parallel versus series configuration. Typically, each string of a 12V LED strip contains three LEDs in series.

Is a curved light bar superior to a straight one?
The curved light better conforms to the curved surfaces of automobiles. The bumper's contour allows it to readily absorb the light. Thus, effortlessly satisfying it. This is useful even if you wish to put the light at a low angle.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has emphasized the necessity of a light bar for your truck or off-road vehicle. It should provide you with a solid foundation for what is available. There are plenty more to try if you don't find one you like here.

Your truck is equipped with a light bar? Tell us what you like and hate about the product!

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