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Best LED Yard Lights 2021 For Your Home

Find out our top picks for the best LED yard lights in 2021. We also answer questions related to LED yard lights and offer buying guides to help you purchase the most suitable LED yard lights for your home.

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When you’re on your way home and looking at your house from afar, the entrance lighting illuminating your building would draw your attention the most. Yard lighting not only creates a sense of home but also helps to enhance security. But which one is the best for you? In order to answer that question, we should skim through several types of products to find out the best LED yard lights for your beautiful yard. 

Then below we offer a list of top-rated LED yard light fixtures for each type of outdoor lighting.


Why do we have to get a grasp of outdoor lighting? How does it relate to our purchase of LED yard lights? 

Basically, outdoor lightings are about the level of brightness and the purpose of using the light (for decoration or for security, etc.). And to illuminate your yard we could mix between these outdoor lightings to create a perfect outer space you’re aiming for.

There are four basic types of outdoor lighting which have different levels of brightness and purposes. 

1. Flood Lights

As its name suggests, Flood Lights can ‘flood” a vast area with high-intensity brightness. Thus, they’re often used in large playing fields, stages, stadiums or parking lots. Flood lights can light up every corner, therefore help to discourage burglary, protect private property and prevent vandalism. If your yard has a huge space or a vast lawn to light up, LED yard lights featuring flood light would make it.  

2. Landscape Lights

Landscape Lights provide a moderate level of brightness, aiming to highlight the beauty of your yard scenery, as well as help your guests safely traverse. Landscape light fixtures are frequently designed to have an organic appearance or a neat shape to easily be hidden within bushes, behind rock formations or attached on a wall. LED yard lights designed for landscape would fit perfectly for you if you own a garden or a pathway.

3. Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion Sensor Lighting includes a detector that senses infrared radiation (IR), i.e heat waves coming from moving objects such as humans, animals and cars, then triggers the lights when those moving across the fields. The light timer can be set to last from 1 to 20 minutes.

Motion sensor LED yard lights are known to be more electrically saving because lights are turned off when no one is around. However, their downside is the limited amount of brightness they give off as they are made to illuminate a small area.     

4. Spotlights

Spotlight-designed LED yard lights direct focused light on a particular area or objects such as signage, doors, trees or waterways. Wide span is not their strong point, as instead of diffusing light to different areas evenly, they aim their beams on a focal point. It’s advised to not overinstall this type of LED yard lights because it attracts more attention than necessary. 

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a LED yard light to illuminate your big yard or to improve your security, floodlight and motion sensor yard lights are recommended. It’s suggested to purchase spotlight and landscaped yard lights for your yard that includes pathways and garden. 


These LED Yard Lights are some of the best options out there on today’s market and definitely worth checking out:

1. SOLLA 500W LED Flood Light, IP66 Waterproof, 40000lm, 2750W Equivalent

Offering a wide beam that certainly lights up every nook and cranny, the Solla 500W LED Flood Light is called a superstar giant in the world of LED yard lights. This model is best known for its ultra brightness and energy efficiency. Buyers also review the customer service provided as professional and satisfied.


  • varied light colour options: 3000l warm white, 6000k daylight white, Rgb (red, green, blue)

  • energy saving (reduce over 82% your electricity bill) 

  • waterproof, plus dustproof

  • durable housing and adjustable bracket: suitable for ceiling-mount, wall-mount and even ground-mount

  • 24 month guarantee for replacement 

  • die-cast aluminum materials with convective structure

  • great customer service


  • not dimmable

  • long life-span not guaranteed 

2. MarsLG BRS1 ETL

MarsLG BRS1 ETL is listed as low voltage LED yard lights for landscape, which is most suitable for accent paths or sideways. With an antique brass finish, MarsLG BRS1 ETL surprisingly has a neat and simple appearance that serves its purpose best - to compliment the landscape around. You can scroll through feedback written by customers and behold how romantic and dreamy of a look this LED yard light can offer your yard.


  •  exceptionally durable, energy-saving

  •  adjustable collar, solid ground spike

  •  free provided G4 LED bulbs

  •  ETL-listed, pre-wired with UL-listed copper direct burial wire

  •  great feedback, five-star rated by customers


  •  pricier than those of the same type

3. Philips Hue Econic Outdoor White & Color Wall & Ceiling Light Fixture (Hue Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Apple Homekit & Google Assistant)

 Aiming to transform your backyard into a gorgeous space, this LED yard light fixture from Philips Hue serves you more than 16 millions colours, so that you could freely create the ambience you want for different occasions. Using this splash of colours, you could set the mood for a date or create your own peaceful space, making your home a greater place to return after working hours.


  •  built-in LED modules, no bulbs required

  •  smart control: using Hue hub to control light colours

  •  multi styles to choose from: econic wall & ceiling fixture, econic wall appear, econic wall down lantern, econic wall up lantern

  •  neat, clean and modern designs

  •  weather resistance 

  •  long life span lighting


  • accessories (Hue Hub) required, Hue Hub not included

  • no mounting hardware included

4. Beionxii Outdoor Wall Mount Lights

With its colonial-inspired design, featuring an angular branch with ornamental finials and pagoda-style molding, Beionxii Outdoor Wall Mount Lights definitely earn huge aesthetic points. Its seeded glass panels help to temper the source light, creating a soft glowy gorgeous halo. Most buyers find it worth the pay, considering its good quality and its size. Check up this LED yard light right now to not miss all the hype! 


  •  1-year warranty

  •  weather resistant: perfect for porch, garden, front door, entryway, balcony and garage

  •  easy and quick installation

  •  open bottom: easy to take out bulbs and clean

  •  made of die-cast aluminum, avoid rusty

  •  mounting hardware included


  • not dimmable if not use dimmable bulbs with compatible dimmer switch (bulbs and dimmer are not included)

5. Architectural Bronze Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture

This LED yard light fixture, made by HTM Lighting Solutions, prides itself on an astonishing life span rating of over 50,000+ hours. If you’re looking for a LED yard light that is not obtrusive and doesn’t require the frequent change of LED bulbs, this product might be what you’re looking for.


  • photocell included: pre-installed dusk to dawn photocell

  • moderate brightness, not intrusive

  • swivel head installed, adjustable per 15 degrees increments

  • IP65 rated for wet location

  • energy star rated, ETL listed

  • 5-year warranty 


  •  no mounting bracket included

Buying Guides

Depending on the location where you live and the budget you have, we have many choices for what are the right LED yard lights for your garden. These are few features that you should consider before getting one:

  • Color temperature: The most popular range of temperature for a household yard is between 2500k to 4000k. Without saying, the warmer the color is, the better for architecture elements. On the other hand, choosing cooler light for vegging plant material in the garden.

  • Power consumption: Different LED yard lights have different power consumption. Mostly by calculating the Watt, we know how much we have to pay for electricity while using them. It all depends on the users’ needs.

  • Practicality: The type of LED yard light you plan to buy is a wall light or a standing light? Can it be mountable or not? The position of where you intend to hang the light is crucial to the model you choose.

  • Weather resistance: The durability of the LED yard light is also very important. Since the outdoor light definitely has to stand under bad weather conditions like raining, snowing or even stormy, it has to be stable and durable.

  • Price: Based on your budget, we have a huge range of LED yard lights suitable for you. Sometimes the expensive ones do not come with better quality. Purchasing from famous, trusted companies with decent and reasonable warranty is the best idea to avoid being ripped off.

Looking for LED lights for your plants? Check out this review now: Best LED grow lights


Can you leave LED yard lights outside in the rain?

As they’re listed as outdoor lights, they can handle the rain to some extent, the matter is the two prongs of the plug. If water sticks to those prongs, it’s likely that the fuse is blown and there are going to be some sparks. It’s best to check if the products are featured as waterproof, or else you can choose those that don't use plugs.

How do I stop my yard lights from rusting? 

To resolve this problem, the best way is to buy rust-resistant fixtures. You can check some of our recommended products above having the tag “die-cast materials” or aluminum-made to avoid this problem.

How do you waterproof your LED yard lights’ electrical connections?

You can use black tape to make your electrical wires water-proof. Simply, you can cut off a length of a black tape and then wrap it two-thirds of the electrical connections, continue until the tape overlaps. This tape would fuse on both sides, when fixed it would remain flexible. 

Final Thoughts

If you still can’t decide on which LED yard lights to purchase, we suggest you should start it out with the most basic and easiest to assemble design: flood lights, landscape lights and spotlights The best products for these designs are: SOLLA 500W LED Flood Light, IP66 Waterproof, 40000lm, 2750W Equivalent, MarsLG BRS1 ETL and Beionxii Outdoor Wall Mount Lights.

Hopefully, the guide equipped you with helpful info on how to get the best LED yard lights. To own high-quality LED yard lights, you should check out the products we suggest above.

Pawel Dimitri
Pawel Dimitri
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