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Best LED Garage Lights For Your Home 2021

Looking for the best LED garage lights? The in-depth review below will help you choose which product is suited your garage the best.

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Although it is true that garages are typically very limited when it comes to natural lighting, this should not mean that you should further neglect the whole lighting system in this part of your home. As a storage space for your beloved cars and a personal workshop for your projects, the garage certainly deserves our respect – and in this sense, going the extra miles when it comes to illumination is essential.

And since you are looking to choose your garage lighting properly, LED is the way to go. Here is our review to the best LED garage lights for you – let’s get into it:


Choosing LED as the option for your garage lights is already a great step, but there are still plenty of options in the LED area. In general, they can be categorized into 3 types of LED garage lights:

  • LED tube lights come in single or multiple tube fixtures of many sizes, and have many ways of installation. You will have to set them up by hardwiring, and replacement can be easily done by just exchanging the LED tube.

  • LED bulb lights are bulb-based solutions that can be screwed directly on existing fixtures – making them the best options when it comes to installation. With them, you have more versatility and better control in terms of lighting output and advanced features – making them the ultimate user-friendly options for you.

  • LED wraparound lights are all about the “professional” look with unexposed bulbs, cleaner overall design and evenly diffused lighting – and they can either be hung low (with accessories included) or mounted flush to the ceiling.


1. STKR Concepts Screw- In Motion Activated Ceiling Light for Garage  


  • 4000 lumens

  • 24W

  • 5400K

  • 50000 hours of runtime

  • Motion sensor


  • Easy to set up

  • Upgraded motion sensor that can be turned on and off

  • Adjustable LED heads

  • SGS Certified

  • Durable


  • Small inconsistencies in between units

2. Lithonia Lighting Flushmount LED Wrap Ceiling Light for Garage  


  • 1400 lumens

  • 19.6W

  • 2700-4000K

  • 50000 hours of runtime

  • 5-year warranty


  • Easy to install

  • Great customer service

  • Useful for a wide range of applications

  • Even and soft light


  • Confused information

3. Newhouse Lighting 2FT LED Linkable Garage Lighting  


  • 2200 lumens

  • 22W

  • 4000K

  • 25000 hours of runtime

  • 5-year warranty


  • Installation accessories included

  • Lightweight

  • High-quality light

  • Sturdy


  • Unbalanced chain caused by weight

4. YISMEET Deformable Four Leaf LED Garage Light  


  • 15000 lumens

  • 150W

  • 6500K

  • 60000 hours of runtime

  • CRI > 80


  • 4 adjustable LED heads, without dead ends

  • Easy to install

  • Useful for a wide variety of applications

  • Durable

  • Good heat dispersion system


  • Super bright

5. Lithonia Lighting LED Shop Light  


  • 3000 lumens

  • 36W

  • 4000K

  • 1-year warranty

  • CRI>80


  • Very bright light

  • Useful for a wide variety of applications

  • Affordable

  • Mounting accessories included


  • Excessive heating

  • Lack of on/off switch

Buying Guide

Pay attention to these aspects next time you are out shopping for your own LED garage lights:

Brightness: For any lighting setups, the level of brightness is the key that gives you the necessary illumination to get the job done. With very little to no natural light in your garage, you would want LED units that can deliver high intensity of lights. Simply put – looking at the number of lumens will tell you all you need to know about the level of brightness that you need.

More lumens means better brightness – and if you are used to the watt measurement, there are online conversion tools that can help you find the perfect lumens number on your needs based on past experience.

Color temperature: The quality of your LED light also includes the color factor, measured on a Kelvin scale – ranging from “warm” (yellow, on the lower end) to “cool” (blue, on the higher end). Most garages can benefit from the cooling effects that blue lights will give out – but do not be afraid to go against the grain to create the perfect environment for your needs.

To get the best of both worlds, look for LED units that have adjustable color temperatures – since they allow you to have the freedom of choosing the setting that works the best for your situation.

Heat dissipation: Although it is true that LED lights emit way less heat than other alternatives, pushing them to their limits is not recommended. If you intend to use your lighting units for prolonged periods of time, make sure that they have an effective heat dispersion system in place to combat the bad effects of the heat. Typically, metal lights are better at dissipating heat than plastic ones – so keep that in mind.

Installation and connectivity: This factor is extremely important, especially if you do not have a lot of electrical experience but still want the best lighting system for your garage. The easiest option to install is certainly LED bulbs that come with multi-positional fixtures – since you will not have to deal with extra wiring, and all you have to do is screwing in the bulbs.

If you are more confident about your installing ability, there are plug-in systems out there that can open up a whole world of lighting possibilities. These options might require a little wiring, but not to the point that they can be taken care of under the right hands.

Other features: If there are other projects going on in the garage, you have to make sure that your workstation is properly illuminated as well. Consider options that come with additional chains as attachments for direct task lighting, or adjustable arms and multi-positional wings to help you spread the light evenly throughout your garage.

Motion sensors are also a convenient feature that comes in handy – especially when you are looking to keep unwanted guests away from your garage. By automatically switching on the light once it detects in and out movements, your LED garage light will be able to keep your belongings safe and sound.


Are there any lighting options for painting works in the garage?

Painting works will not be done correctly if you are not able to get an exact idea of how the colors would be. If you want to perform such works, or any other works that require more attention on accurate colors and details – go for LED lights that have high CRI (Color Rendering Index) ratings.

An option with the CRI rating of about 85 or more should be more than enough to render and bring true colors to your eyes – making these types of work easier.

What can the motion sensors be good for – other than just keeping your belongings safe?

The sensor function is an excellent way to control the overall lighting of your garage – and it is not all about the security reason. These motion sensors can sense the movement of your car in and out of the garage – to turn on the lights when you enter and switch off once you park it.

In this way, you are getting the “premium” treatment each time you decide to use the car to get in and out of the house – and the lights will not have to stay on all the time, saving you electricity costs in the process.

Why are wraparound and screw-in lights better suited for garages?

The type of LED lights suited for your needs will mostly be determined by the height of your garage’s ceiling. Since most garages have lower ceilings, it is easy to mount LED wraparound or screw-in lights – without having them hanging in the way of equipment and objects that are in your garage.

What are the features to look for in case you need to install the lights outside your garage?

Standard garage lights are better suited towards indoor applications, and should not be used in situations where they regularly have to face what the weather has to offer. If you really need to use your LED lights outside the garage, functions like weatherproof or dustproof are a must. Any types of LED lights with the IP rating of 65 or better will do.

In case of extreme weather, take your light to the inside of your garage and let it continue working – to minimize the risks of damaging and prolong the lifespan of your units.

What are the steps to install LED lights in your garage?

The installing process might vary for individual cases, but in general – here are the basic steps to set up your LED garage lights:

  • Visualize and plan the lighting layout

  • Estimate the number of lights needed

  • Look for power outlets

  • Determine the height for your setup

  • Install the accessories (cables, chains, hooks, …)

  • Mount the fixture

Final Thoughts

Whichever tasks you decide to accomplish in your garage, having sufficient lighting can help. From a dark place with potential hazards and injuries, a good LED lighting system will turn your garage into a safer, brighter working environment – resulting in you getting the job done easier and more efficiently.

For commercial use, one of the best LED garage lights is certainly YISMEET Deformable Four Leaf LED Garage Light. But if you only need your LED garage lights for residential use, either Lithonia Lighting Flushmount LED Wrap Ceiling Light for Garage or Newhouse Lighting 2FT LED Linkable Garage Lighting can provide the lighting that you need. And just like that – finding the ultimate garage lighting system will never have to be a problem again, with these LED options.

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