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Best LED Floor Lamps 2021 For Your Home

Find out our top picks for the best LED floor lamps in 2021. We also answer questions related to LED floor lamps and provide buying guides to help you find out the most LED floor lamps suitable for you.

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A floor lamp not only adds light to your room but also helps to define the interior style you’re going for. Do you favor the minimalist concept or you’re more of a traditional designer? Or you likely care most about the tasks and functions of a lamp? 

Whichever you need, we offer a list of the best LED floor lamps from every budget with detailed product information and reviews.


There are multiple types of floor lamps for you to choose from, and below are some of the most common and basic designs that never get out of fashion. 

1. Club floor lamp

Club floor lamp is the most basic and simple design of all. It includes a base, a pole and a lampshade. The pros is this type comes in different styles and materials, so it wouldn’t be a challenge if you want to find one to match your home decor. 

2. Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Swing Arm Floor Lamps consist of a base and sometimes a shade, just like club floor lamps. However, it is adapted by adding a rod at the upper part of the base, letting the lamp swing left and right. It is convenient to reach and adjust the light the way you want when you sit in a chair. It’s recommended for reading or doing paperwork.

3. Down Bridge Floor Lamp

Down Bridge Floor Lamps have much resemblance as Club Floor Lamp. But the charming point is the bridge, from which the base starts to curve and drops the lampshade lower than the base tube. Though not being as easily adjustable as the Swing Arm Floor Lamp, it has a neat and clean appearance, some are even designed to have a vintage touch. 

4. Torchère Floor Lamp

A Torchère Floor Lamp is traditionally known as a lamp with a tall stand and a triangular shade point upward. It often goes with warm and ambient light. However, there are a lot of renovated modules that take its traditional design as inspiration and improve the light to be suitable for even offices. 

5. Arc Floor Lamp

Arc Floor Lamp can project the light from above as a small chandelier without connecting to the ceiling. It has a distinctively curved base looking like a fishing rod, and this part is often made of heavy and sturdy materials. Some designs are innovated into contemporary style, creating a chic and modern vibe. However, it should be chosen wisely because it takes up a lot of space and wouldn’t look nice if shoved into a tiny living room. 


1. Marlowe Modern Floor Lamp

Marlowe Modern Floor Lamp is renovated from the typical club lamp design. Inspired by the Farmhouse style, it radiates a warm, cozy and relaxing vibe, yet not without charms and a notion of practicality. The lamp is reviewed as sturdy and high quality. It is most suitable to be placed inside the bedroom for reading or in the living room. If Marlowe Modern Floor Lamp is what you’re looking for, check it out!

2. Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp

It’s a top-rated Swing Arm Floor Lamp made for delicate tasks such as reading, knitting, sewing, crafts, cross-stitch, or even spa, facials, and lash extensions. It is designed to ease your close-up focus or even vision problems. Its flexible and long swing arm makes it easier for you to move it around. The 6 wheels roll easily, making it even more perfect for dermatologists, spas and salons, estheticians, beauticians, tattoo artists,  jewelers, dentists, etc. If you need a lamp for such heavy-duty jobs, Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp can be a nice option.

3. Averill Park Rustic Farmhouse Industrial Downbridge Floor Lamp

If you are a vintage or retro lover, you cannot skip through this Averill Park Rustic Farmhouse Industrial Downbridge Floor Lamp. This well-made downbridge floor lamp from Franklin Iron Works brings fresh air to the time-honored style of industrial design. Taking farmhouse and factory lighting as the theme, the lamp is finished with a smooth, oil-rubbed bronze, offering an abounding richness to your space while the Edison-style bulb sheds a cozy and inviting glow through the seedy glass shade. Downbridge design makes this lamp even greater and more convenient for reading or relaxing in your favorite chair.

4. Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Innovated from traditional torchiere floor lamps, the “torch” part of this lamp is replaced by two configurable LED rings, serving a contemporary and modern look. It’s said to have a long-lasting span of lightning (up to 20 years) and create zero heat. You can also choose between its three different lightness levels ranging from soft to super bright. Many customers have rated this lamp as highly recommend, so if you’re in for a unique yet simple style, don’t hesitate to purchase Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
5. Daylight Company LLC Daylight Company Slimline 3 led floor Lamp, Brushed Steel

It’s a five-star arc-inspired floor lamp with a two-year guarantee of brightness level. The lamp joints are made to be flexible and easily positioned. It offers aluminum shade with a full-length diffuser for a wider spread of light. Plus, it’s easy to assemble, lightweight and takes up nearly no space. If you’re looking for an all-in-one floor lamp, we highly recommend Daylight Company LLC Daylight Company Slimline 3 led floor Lamp, Brushed Steel

Buying Guides

If you’re confused and unsure of what floor lamps to purchase, here are some criteria to think about and help you to narrow down your options.

1. The scale of your room

We wouldn’t want to return our newly purchased lamps after they’re already delivered. To avoid this, it’s best if you check the scale of your room and find out which lamp fits its size best. Product information such as item dimensions, heights, and weights should be considered carefully before your online purchase.  

2. The style of the floor lamp

Why is the style of a floor lamp important? A floor lamp of a matched decor with your place is like the last piece of a puzzle. An industrial-style floor lamp would look completely irrelevant when positioned in a modern bedroom. Thus, it matters to make sure that the lamp you buy has the same style as your home settings.

3. The right type of lighting

There are three basic types of lighting that have different functions. Firstly, ambient light, also called general light, casts even illuminance in its vicinity. Secondly, task lighting targets a specific area of your room such as your reading chair or a table. Lastly, accent lighting is used for highlighting, attracting attention to a particular object, like an artwork or a sculpture. 

When you choose your floor lamp, you should define whether you need a lamp to diffuse ambient or task lighting. 

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Are LED floor lamps bright?

Most brightest floor lamps actually use LED bulbs. That is because LED lights provide less heat, more light, lower cost compared to conventional lightings like Halogen, CFL and Filament.

How many lumens does a floor lamp need?

Simply put, lumens (lm) is a measure of brightness, usually printed on the product box, or provided by the online selling sites. How many lumens a floor lamp needs depends on your purpose of using the light. Below are our recommendations of lumen levels for different activities.

450 lumens (for writing and reading)

800-1100 lumens (for tasks dealing with small pieces/ details)

Are floor lamps dangerous?

In some cases, floor lamps do have several risks. For example, you or your children can be injured when stumbling on the lamp wires or knocking the lamp over. It’s advised that you opt for wireless floor lamps or lamps that have thick and sturdy bases. Another case is that some lamps using halogen bulbs can cause fire if textile contacts with them. However, it’s solvable as we can use LED lighting to prevent such hazards.

What types of floor lamps give the most light?

Among the types of floor lamps listed above, Arc Floor Lamp provides the most light, as it can diffuse a wider spread of light from above. However, it’s also important to use suitable light bulbs to give off the best illuminance. The Philips 1600 Lumen LED Bulb is the brightest one frequently used in common household appliances and lamps.

How tall should my floor lamps be?

It’s recommended that the bottom of the lampshade should be at or above the eye level of a seated person, not lower.

Final thoughtt

If you still can’t make up your mind on which LD floor lamps to purchase, we recommend you should start it out with the most basic and easiest to fit designs: club, downbridge and arc floor lamps. The best products for these designs are: Marlowe Modern Floor Lamp, Averill Park Rustic Farmhouse Industrial Downbridge Floor Lamp and Daylight Company LLC Daylight Company Slimline 3 led floor Lamp, Brushed Steel.

Hopefully, the guide provides you with helpful information on how to get the best LED floor lamps. To own high-quality LD floor lamps, you should give the products we mentioned a try!

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