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Best LED Flood Lights 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

LED flood lights are the modern alternatives to older, less efficient lighting technologies. This guide is designed to help you get the best LED flood lights for your properties or business.

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If you pay attention, there are quite a bit of nooks and crannies in your properties that need to be calibrated. Whether they are open spaces that require more security or pieces of decorations that demand attention – putting on flood lights is a brilliant way to keep everything organized and under control.

And since LED lighting has been the preferred option nowadays, here is our extensive guide to the best LED flood lights that you can get on the market today. Let’s dive into it:  

Why LED Flood Lights?

LED flood lights are beloved for the numerous benefits that they bring to the owners. Here are some notable mentions:

Durability with low maintenance and replacement costs: Being extremely well-built, LED flood lights are made to last and offer excellent service over long periods of time. You can just set them up outside and leave them there for a number of years without having to constantly check on them. You will still need to pay attention to the lighting intensity once in a while to look for signs of replacement – but it is safe to say that minimal maintenance is required to keep them going strong.

Minimal heat emission and weather-resistance: LED flood lights do not generate nearly as much heat as other types of lights. And since the energy provided by electricity is not converted to heat, they remain stable in temperatures and are suited for different applications – even in extreme conditions. In this sense, LED lights remain the ideal option for use in environments where temperatures and conditions constantly change.

Energy-efficiency: LED flood lights’ durability not only reduces the amount of hazardous wastes dumped into the environment, but it also elevates the long-term user experience to the next level. Since no energy is wasted in their operations, LED options can save you money on your electricity bills. The amount reduced has been proven to be up to 80%, which certainly makes many people think about making the transition to LED.

Better level of illumination: LED flood lights are unmatched in terms of brightness – compared to a similar quantity of halogen or fluorescent bulbs. This means that you can use a lesser amount of LED flood lights in your security system to save on costs – without having to compromise on the level of illumination on your properties.

Higher level of security: Floodlights are typically used for keeping properties illuminated and safe. With high numbers of lumens that make for better illumination, they make it easier for people to keep an eye on the surroundings or work during night shifts.


1. Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Light


  • Detection range: 15ft-70ft
  • 3100 lumens
  • 2200-5000K
  • All weather reliability


  • Easy to install
  • Security and accent light built-in
  • Helpful customizable settings
  • Good for both narrow and wide areas


  • Unintuitive interface

2. JJC LED Motion Sensor Flood Light


  • Detection range: 20ft-65ft
  • 2000 lumens
  • 5000K
  • IP65


  • Motion sensor included
  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent customizable options


  • Limited in color temperature adjustments
  • Too bright

3. SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser


  • 2650 lumens
  • 5000K
  • UL wet rated


  • Affordable
  • Dimmable options
  • Outstanding quality of light


  • Minor design deficiency

4. Philips High Lumen BR30 LED Flood Light


  • 1400 lumens
  • 2700K


  • High CRI rating
  • Dimmable option
  • Easy on the eyes


  • Reliability problems

5. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera


  • 2K HDR camera for high resolution videos
  • 2000-3000 lumens
  • Weather resistant


  • Camera incorporated
  • Works with other smart applications
  • Easy installation
  • Extensive features


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Next time when you are out shopping for the best LED flood lights for your needs, consider these factors:

Finishing: When it comes to specialized equipment like LED flood lights, you just need them to do their job effectively without attracting too much attention in terms of aesthetic. However, there are still various options when it comes to finishing like copper, stainless steel or colored lacquer. Your best bet is to choose ones that match the color and decoration of your properties, and darker colors will be prioritized for less attention.

Location: You want to set up LED flood lights in a location where they can provide a good level of illumination on your desired areas without generating unwanted glare. Flood lights work best when you place them pointing downwards at an angle from a high position, so make sure you choose options that come with adjustable lighting angles for the best results.

Motion sensors: Modern LED flood lights are equipped with infrared sensors to detect movements of people and objects and alert accordingly. With a good range of motion (typically about 180 degrees) and a wide detection reach (about 70-90 feet) – you can keep your properties safe from trespassers. Whenever these flood lights pick up a movement, the light will be automatically switched on and remain active for a certain period of time (based on the specific signal). You do not have to manually shut them off every single time, and there is no energy wasted.

However, as good as this feature may sound – you should carefully consider whether you need it or not before making your purchase decision.

Color quality: The color quality that your LED flood lights produce is measured using the CRI rating (Color Rendering Index). The higher the rating is, the broader the color spectrum would be. LED flood lights typically have their CRI ratings in the range of about 70-90 – which is high enough to clearly illuminate people and objects within their detection range.

Color temperature: You are likely to come across color labels like ‘’bright’’, ‘’cool’’, ‘’natural”, ‘’warm’’ or ‘’daylight’’ when shopping for LED flood lights – which refer to the color temperature of these options (measured in Kelvins). Flood lights with “cool” labels mean that the light emitted is brighter and whiter to the eyes – and are widely used in garages and offices. On the other hand, “warm” labels indicate light that is more on the yellow/orange end – which makes for warmer ambience in bedrooms and living areas.

Usage: Last but not least, how you use your LED flood lights should also be taken into consideration. They are perfect as downlights and overhead lights due to the fact that they can only illuminate one direction. However, if you want more flexibility out of your flood lights, look for ones that have a wider range of lighting intensity or dimmable options.


What are the common uses of LED flood lights?

The following are some common applications that involve LED flood lights:  

Retail stores: Retailers want their customers to have a clear view of the products, so they use LED flood lights for great illumination over a large area.

Warehouses and storage spaces: Due to the fact that these places have very little daylight coming in, internal lighting is needed at all times. Depending on the type of work that they do in such spaces, high-intensity LED flood lights might be needed.  

Photometric studies for large scale projects: Large commercial projects require LED flood lights for photometric studies – mainly to measure the lighting specifications of the light that go over properties.  

How to determine the wattage and lumens for your needs?

For LED flood lights, you should look at brightness level in a different way. Pay attention to the number of lumens that your options come with – since it will result directly in the level of brightness of your lights. Different types of bulbs may have the same wattage, but LED ones are always more superior in terms of lumens.

As for the number of lumens for your needs, different usages and environments call for distinct levels of brightness. If you want to make the new transition to LED lights, take a look at your old flood lights’ lumens for reference. In new environments, try to determine the level of ambiance that you need – and get help from experts if needed.

What is the quantity of LED flood lights for your needs?

First, figure out the purpose of use before making your purchase decision. Once you have this knowledge in mind, get to know your lighting areas to understand more about light heights and spacing required to make them illuminated. Create a layout of lightings based on the details that you have, see if it makes sense and adjust if needed. In the end, you will be able to come up with the right quantity of lights for your needs.

What is crossover lighting?

Cross-over lighting refers to a lighting system that consists of multiple fixtures. A good example of cross-over lighting is the system that is applied in a tennis court. With multiple light sources placed in different directions – the light is distributed in a natural way that eliminates shadows and leaves a good impression about the space.

What are the factors influencing spacing for your lights?

The height of the lights, the number of lumens that they have, the lighting ambiance that you want to create – these are a few important factors that can have an impact on the spacing you want to keep between your lights. Of course, overlap and crossover lighting are the preferred methods to balance out the lights – but do not be afraid to look for information on other types of spacing to see which one fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

A nicely-illuminated property is not only more secured, it is also more appealing in terms of aesthetic. For daily use, economical LED flood lights are the way to go – simply because they offer so many advantages compared to other alternatives out there. For the best LED flood lights, Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Light and Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera are some of the best options due to their flexibility.

 However, if your prioritize domestic use and prefer simple LED bulbs – then SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser is a solid choice for consideration. Give these recommendations a go, and brighten up your properties today!

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