Best Heat Lamps for Snakes of 2023

  Dec 22, 2022 8:57 AM

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Best Heat Lamps for Snakes of 2023
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Best Heat Lamps for Snakes

Snakes demand warmth.

They require an external heat source to help them control body heat because they are cold-blooded.

They enjoy making advantage of the light in nature. They typically don't have that choice when in captivity.

This means that your pet snake's enclosure needs to have a hot area.

Snake heat lamps are a useful tool for this.

But there are many options available, and the majority of them are not particularly excellent. We conducted the necessary research and eliminated all but the best possibilities as a result.

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Buyer's Guide

Heat bulbs, heat lights, and ceramic heat emitters are other names for heat lamps. They are heat-radiating lights that attach to the top of your snake's vivarium. They consist of two parts:

  • The lamp : This is the area that actually heats up and warms the enclosure for your snake. It's possible that the bulb also produces light. For mounting to the tank or hanging from above, it screws into the lamp.
  • The light : The bulb is held in place by this component. Some merely keep the lightbulb in position. Others are intended to reflect light, warming and illuminating the enclosure.

Heat lamps are a good option for snakes that would often bask in the sun in the wild. They are made to resemble the heat that the sun would radiate on a hot day.

A basking light will be helpful for diurnal snakes, which are active during the day. They consist of the following:

  • Rat snakes and corn snakes
  • snakes in garters
  • Kingsnakes
  • cow snakes
  • Hognose serpents

Because they are nocturnal animals, snakes like ball pythons and boa constrictors wouldn't often sunbathe. The belly heat produced by a heat mat is more beneficial for these snakes. The top heat pads for snakes are listed in the following guide.

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1. Can my snake use a heat lamp?

Compared to heating pads, heat lamps provide a more natural day/night cycle for your pet snake. Two different heat lamps, each on a 12-hour cycle, are possible. Turn on the "night-glo" or nocturnal red light at night and leave the daylight heat light on during the day.

2. Should I leave the heat bulb for my snakes on all night?

The heat lamp is not the ideal way to keep snakes warm at night, even if they benefit from heat at night if the temperature drops too low. This is what? Turn off the heat lamp at night to as closely resemble their natural habitat as possible. Alternatives won't produce as much light.

3. Which is better for snakes, a heat lamp or a heat pad?

Because they must have ultraviolet light to survive in captivity, snakes benefit greatly from UVB lighting, which also aids in vitamin absorption. For this reason, you shouldn't only offer a heated pad. At the absolute least, you need a heat lamp for the reasons mentioned above.

4. Does every pet snake require a heat lamp?

You may or may not need heat lights to maintain the proper temperatures, depending on your type of snake's particular temperature requirements. To keep their tanks warm, many snake keepers use under-tank heating pads, but it can be challenging to maintain and monitor the right temperatures with just heating pads.

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It makes sense to have a protection above the ceramic heat emitter. In comparison to an aluminum lamp, it doesn't get as hot. Another excellent feature is the iron coating on the cords, which guards against biting.

The majority of reviews have noted that the guard still gets too hot for snakes to touch, nevertheless.

Although the issue is resolved by repairing the lamp outside the vivarium, this also makes the guard useless.

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