Best Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting in 2023

  Sep 29, 2022 8:16 AM

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Best Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting in 2023
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Best Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen serves as the social hub of the house and is where we congregate to prepare and serve food to loved ones and guests. Hardwired under cabinet lights will brighten the area and make it more pleasant to be in.

It might be challenging to decide which type of hardwired under cabinet lighting is best for you because there are so many available. A list of the best 10 hardwired under cabinet lighting solutions has been put together to assist you in making the best choice for your kitchen.


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Due to the fact that it is a more expensive process and a permanent fixture, hardwired under cabinet lighting is a significant investment. When making such a buy, a few aspects need to be your main concerns.

The light source's voltage

It is crucial to confirm that the voltage of the under-cabinet lighting fixture and the home's primary electric power are compatible. Under-cabinet lights can be directly attached to the main power source if they operate on line voltage, which in America is 120 volts. However, if the light requires low voltage, it must be connected to a driver that reduces the main power supply's 120 volt voltage to the required level.

The location and size of the under-cabinet light fixture

Before purchasing the light fixtures for hardwired under cabinet lighting, it is crucial to take into account the location and available space. Such lights are more difficult to install, and it is important to properly measure the locations where the lights link to the main power line. When installing a new under cabinet lighting system, you have the option of modifying the wiring to fit the selected light fixture. If the wiring is already there, be sure the light fixture will fit in the area that is available and is compatible with the old wiring system.


When turned on, hardwired under-cabinet lighting can consume a lot of electricity. There are circumstances in which a bright light is not required. It is preferable to spend money on under-cabinet lighting that can be dimmed. Energy savings are a benefit of dimming the light. Users can also adjust the brightness and choose low illumination for a cozier atmosphere.

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  • Can under cabinet lighting be hardwired?

Yes, hardwiring under cabinet lighting to a wall switch is the most professional way to install it. This creates a neat and upscale appearance and assures that there are no ugly wires hanging around. The lights will be controllable via a switch on your wall. A switch will be used to control all operations, including turning the lights on and off and dimming them.

  • Which under cabinet lighting is ideal?

Under cabinet lighting comes in a variety of styles. The needs, preferences, and compatibility will determine the type of lighting that is used. Due to their low heat emission and high energy efficiency, LED lights and fluorescents are chosen. Because of this, they are ideal for use in the kitchen where food preparation takes place without being too hot. When buying under cabinet lighting, another aspect to take into account is the light's brightness.

  • What is the required lumen output for under cabinet lighting?

The brightness of the light is measured in lumens. For tasks and food preparation, under-cabinet illumination in the kitchen needs a greater lumen rating. For adequate brightness, a lighting fixture should put out at least 250 lumens per foot.

  • Can LEDs take the role of halogen under cabinet lighting?

It is feasible to switch out the halogen lights for LED ones. It might, however, result in certain issues. It is better to have an electrician inspect the fittings and circuits to ensure that they will be compatible with the LEDs because the wattage and voltage requirements of both of these light fittings may differ.

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In conclusion, the hardwired under cabinet lighting that complements your cabinets the best is the finest. The best option for LED lighting is if you have glass cabinets. The greatest option for illumination is Xenon if your cabinets are made of metal. Consult a specialist for assistance if you are unsure of the type of cabinets you have. Your kitchen will be beautiful and functional with the correct lighting.