Best Globe Outdoor String Lights of 2023

  Sep 15, 2022 9:30 AM

Finding the Best Globe Outdoor String Lights for your need? Here are our top picks. Before you make a purchase, read this first.

Best Globe Outdoor String Lights of 2023
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Best Globe Outdoor String Lights

String lights with globes are a great way to add light to your outdoor area. They are easy to put up and can be used to make a lot of different styles. Globe string lights are a great way to add a romantic touch to your patio or just make your backyard look more inviting.

When choosing the best globe string lights for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about how big the area is that you want to light. There are different sizes of globe string lights, so it's important to choose the right size for your space. Second, decide what kind of look you want to make. There are a lot of different colors and styles of globe string lights, so you can find one that fits your style.

Last, think about how your globe string lights will get power.

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How To Choose

Best Globe Outdoor String Lights

Bulb type
There are numerous bulb types and shapes available, however LED bulbs are the most common. These have the greatest lifespan and use the least amount of energy. However, you must select if you want a bright, historic light from an Edison-style bulb or a softer glow from a globe lamp. Light bulbs are typically made of plastic for durability; nevertheless, glass is still employed in the creation of bulbs. Glass bulbs demand more attention than plastic bulbs.

It's really inconvenient to learn halfway through the installation that they aren't long enough. As a result, before purchasing, try to figure out where the lights will be linked. For example, if you want to arrange them in a zigzag pattern on a 20-foot-wide patio, you'll need at least 60 feet of string lights. It's also a good idea to leave yourself a 5 foot buffer if at all possible.

Lighting effects:
String lights with strobing and flashing effects, as well as ones that glitter or fade in/out, are available. The lighting effects you select will be decided by your needs. If you intend to use it for parties, selecting one with a range of effects is a good idea.

Wire gauge and insulation: 
What exactly is a gauge, you ask? The wire gauge is the thickness of the copper wire. The numbering, on the other hand, is a little complicated because the lower the number, the greater the gauge, which may be deceiving.

In addition, good outdoor string lights include an insulated coating known as SPT1, SPT2, or SJTW. These references aid in calculating the thickness of wire insulation. SJTW light strings are intended for long-term outdoor use and are particularly recommended for applications requiring a large amount of electricity or where weathering is a concern.

If you're looking for 22 or 24 gauge outdoor string lights, they're generally a "small light" set that's been converted as faux patio lights. If you want to save money and simply need a small set of lights, this could be a good option for you. If you want premium exterior string lights with more toughness, permanence, and perfection, go for sets that are 18 gauge or larger.

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How many globe lights can you string together at once?
In this case, you can only connect 4 or 5 sets of traditional incandescent Christmas mini lights end to end. However, you can connect 40 or more LED mini light strings together, depending on how many lights are on each string. Consider your circuits: Most circuits in homes have 15 or 20 amps.

People also ask if outdoor string lights are okay when it rains.
If you want to know how to make outdoor string lights waterproof, the answer is easy. You should make sure that any regular light bulbs you use outside are rated for wet weather. You should also make sure that any decorative lights you buy are also rated for wet weather.

What do you call those lights strung up outside?
If you're thinking about putting some of these lights on your back patio, you may have heard them called fiesta lights, party lights, string lights, or even festoon lights.

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Final Thoughts

The best globe outdoor string lights can stand up to the elements, last for a long time, and are easy to set up. These lights are a good long-term investment because they will save you money on your energy bill and last for many years.

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