Best Color-Changing LED Bulbs of 2023

  Sep 7, 2022 3:33 AM

Our professional review by experts will give you a solid understanding about the Best Color-changing Led Bulbs to buy in 2023. If you want to make a better purchase, don't ignore this review.

Best Color-Changing LED Bulbs of 2023
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Best Color-Changing LED Bulbs

The correct lighting shade can have a significant impact on how you carry out a task, beautify your space, or unwind at the end of the day. But you're not likely to stock your home with every color of the spectrum of light bulbs. Color-changing LED lights can be used in this situation. Color-changing LEDs are the key to a whole new cosmos since they are energy-efficient and adaptable. Find out which color-changing light bulbs are perfect for your space by reading on.

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Buyer's Guide

Indoors or Outside
The majority of color-changing lights are used inside, frequently to create a mood in the living room or bedroom. That said, you may still use them outside to highlight a tree or other point of interest in the yard, add some fun or drama to a patio party, or even bring some magic to your swimming pool.

It's essential to ensure that the color-changing bulb you choose is waterproof and intended for outdoor use. These bulbs are typically marked as indoor/outdoor or as weatherproof, humidity-proof, or suitable for outside usage in a protected environment. Some can be used in a swimming pool since they are waterproof, provided the light fixture is sealed. Keep in mind that humidity- or weather-resistant bulbs can't withstand a deluging deluge, so place these lights in a fixture that offers some protection from bad weather.

Smart Elements
Generally speaking, color-changing LED lights fall into one of two categories: remote-controlled or smart and app-compatible. To alter the light's color and effects or turn it on and off, many less priced color-changing LED bulbs rely on a remote control rather than an app. To operate these bulbs using a remote, you will typically need to be in the same room as the lightbulb.

An software for smart color-changing LEDs is available for download on your phone, and using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can control the light remotely. Once connected, you can modify the light's brightness or color, dim it or make it brighter, or select a specific effect. A smart home hub and more sophisticated smart bulbs can be used to program automation and routines. With or without a hub, many color-changing smart bulbs can also be used with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.
Color Palette and Effects
Most remote-controlled LED color-changing bulbs provide between 10 and 16 different color selections. On the other hand, smart and app-controlled color-changing lights typically give millions of hues allowing virtually limitless color gradients to pick from.

Effect options for many color-changing lights include wave, strobe, blink, flash, alternating, and many more. Some light bulbs may even be able to modify their lighting pattern to match the beat of the music you are listening to as you play it. Others might be able to match the light colors on your screen to the movie you're viewing. Smart lights typically offer more customisation and color effects than non-smart alternatives.

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1. Are all LED light bulbs color-changing?
No. In actuality, the majority of LED light bulbs are not RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) and cannot change color.

There are some "tunable" LED light bulbs available. This means that you can choose between warm white and cold white for the light's white color. On the kelvin scale, the majority of LED bulbs will, nevertheless, have a single color temperature.

1,000K to 10,000K is the range of the kelvin scale. The proper temperature of soft white vs. daylight or 3000K vs. 4000K is frequently questioned.

2. What Exactly Is the Name of Color Changing Light Bulbs?
A color-changing light bulb can alternatively be referred to as a "multi-color light bulb" or a "RGB light bulb."

When we refer to a light as "color shifting," we typically mean an LED light that uses red, green, and blue as the base to create other hues.

Warm white, soft white, cool white, day light, and other terms can also be used to describe domestic illumination. These should not be confused with a light bulb that changes color, and they generally refer to color temperature on the Kelvin scale.

3. Do Color-Changing Light Bulbs Pay Off?
Absolute worth it. RGB color-changing lamps make it simple to give our area a unique touch.

And adding them is now simpler than ever thanks to incredible LED smart home technologies, remote-controlled lighting, and voice-activated assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

You won't regret adding color changing bulbs once you identify a solution that fits your way of life and your particular requirements.

Your lighting reflects who you are, just like how painting your walls, hanging posters, adding framed art, and choosing home decor do. Why not make it distinctive?

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