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Best Camping Lanterns 2021 For Your Trips

Whether your intentions are heading to the country or simply illuminating your night car camping - we have come up with the best camping lanterns for every use and need.

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For many of us, a camping trip is a treat of some sorts. The outlook of spending a few days in the wild with your loved ones, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city seems promising – and the thoughts about those dreamy nights in the woods will be there with us till the end of time. On the site, whether you are looking to have marshmallows by the fireplace or telling bedtime-stories in the tent – the lighting must be sufficient enough for everybody to have fun. And in order to ensure that the trip is as smooth-sailing as possible, having a camping lantern in your backpack can help.

And for campers out there who are looking for the best camping lanterns on the market, hopefully, our extensive guide will be able to give you an option or two to consider. Read on for more information:


All types of camping lanterns serve the same purpose of providing the light needed on the campsite. However, their constructions do make a difference in the way they work – and here are some common types of camping lanterns:

  • Electric lanterns are battery-based camping lanterns and are widely beloved because of their compactness, easy-to-use nature, and long battery life. They can come in many forms, most notably LED or solar-powered units.

  • Fuel lanterns are the go-to options for campers that regularly stay on site without access to electrical output. They use either butane or propane for operation; and will not take much effort to handle or adjust.

  •  Gas lanterns are also common for camping – known for their reliability and easy-to-use nature.

  • Kerosene lanterns have been around for centuries – a testament to their reliability and durability while requiring very minimal maintenance, and will typically last up to 8 hours.


1. AGPTEK Solar Lantern 5


  • Runs on: Solar power

  • Runs for: 70 hours

  • Number of lumens: 180

  • Weight: 2.6 ounces


  • Flexible ways of charging

  • High lighting selectivity

  • Energy-efficient


  • Not water-proof

  • No battery indicator

  • Bulky  

2. Black Diamond Apollo Lantern


  • Runs on: Quad power

  • Runs for: 90 hours

  • Number of Lumens: 250

  • Weight: 7.8 ounces


  • Packable

  • Healthy, glare-free light for the eyes

  • High lighting selectivity


  • Limited lighting range

3. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact  


  • Runs on: C4 power LEDs

  • Runs for: 30 hours

  • Number of lumens: 200

  • Weight: 15 ounces


  • Durable

  • 360-degree lighting range

  • High lighting selectivity


  • Not affordable

  • Hard-to-find batteries

4. Black Diamond Moji Lantern  


  • Runs on: Quad power

  • Runs for: 13 hours

  •  Number of lumens: 100

  •  Weight: 4.3 ounces


  • Even lighting

  • Water-proof

  • Elegant design


  • Lack of modes

  • Hard to open

5. Goal Zero Crush Light


  • Runs on: Solar power

  • Runs for: 35 hours

  • Number of lumens: 60

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


  • Lightweight

  • Affordable

  • High lighting selectivity


  • Short run time

  • No battery indicator

Buying guide

The main goal of buying a camping lantern is to light up a tent or camping site – but different products from different manufacturers come with unique combinations of features that help you get the job done. In order to get the best camping lantern possible for your needs, here are the main factors you need to prioritize:

Brightness and adjustability: In order to light up such a large area, all-out brightness is a must-have feature for your camping lantern. However, as this is a common characteristic for many products – you need to pay more attention to the quality and flexibility that the light offers.

Your camping lantern may double up as a cooking lamp at dusk, or a reading light at bedtime – and for different tasks, the brightness and intensity level of the light source needs to be different. Therefore, having some kind of adjustability on your lantern is essential – whether in the form of a level or switch to vary the brightness.

The quality of the light is also something to keep in mind, especially if you intend to use your lantern for reading. Look for warmer lights that are easier on the eyes.

Power source: Your choice of batteries for camping lanterns comes in 2 forms – disposable or rechargeable options, and both have their benefits and drawbacks

Being the more popular and common type of batteries for camping lanterns, disposable batteries are easy to buy and use anywhere – and carrying backups is just as convenient.

Different types of lanterns will require different types of disposable batteries – but in general, more batteries will add more weight to the lanterns. And when they run out of power, it is time to switch to a brand new pack of batteries.

Slowly gaining ground in popularity in recent years, rechargeable batteries save you from the burden of having to carry spare batteries with you on the road. Instead, all you have to do is bring a charging cord with you – but you have to charge the lantern before each trip for safety reasons. When the batteries run out on site, recharging is necessary unless you have another pack or portable solar panel ready.  

Burn time: Your camping lantern’s ideal burn time will depend on how long you intend to stay on the trip and how much time you leave it on. If you decide to spend an unreasonable amount of time every day using it, needless to say, yours will run out of power faster than when used economically.

To calculate your needs, estimate the amount of time that you will leave your lantern on each night – then multiply it by the number of days that you will spend on the trip. Take the maximum burn time given by the manufacturer with a grain of salt – because this data is made based on the

lowest brightness setting. You will have to keep the brightness level high at some point, and as a result – you will get less time out of your batteries.

Alternatives: Camping lanterns are amongst many options to keep your campsite bright at night. Other alternatives include flashlights and headlamps – which we will not mention in this article. However, feel free to do your research if you feel like these options suit your needs.


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Q: How many lumens are needed for a camping lantern?

A: “Lumen” refers to a light measurement unit of a light source. With more lumens in your camping lantern, the light will be able to travel further – brightening up a larger camping area. The problem with multiple lumens and the high brightness level is extreme battery consumption – so there needs to be a balance between the 2 factors.

To save on battery consumption while still providing enough lighting for your camping area, getting a lantern with about 35-65 lumens is ideal. Get a good estimation about the size of your camp first, then take care of the lumens afterward. As long as you emphasize energy-efficient lighting, you can purchase a lantern with a higher number of lumens with no problems.

Q: How many lumens are considered “bright”?

A: As mentioned before, 35-65 is the ideal amount of lumens to get the right balance between brightness and power-sufficiency. With it, the lighting is just right so that you can maneuver around the site without any difficulties.

For use inside the tent, 100 lumens are more than enough to keep everything bright and clear. If you carry a flashlight alongside, then one with about 10-30 lumens is good to use in combination

Q: In case of power outages, what is the best camping lantern?

A: When there is no external charging source, camping lanterns with disposable batteries are definitely the winner. As long as you carry a couple of spares with you, there is no need to worry when power outages happen.

You also have the option of traditional candle lanterns, which will obviously work well with the use of candles and no fuels.

Q: What is a lantern mantle?

A: In gas-powered lanterns, the burning flame is surrounded by ceramic mesh sacks called “lantern mantles” – which will keep the intensity of the fire small and controlled inside the lantern.

Q: How long do lantern mantles last?

A: As long as you put your gas-powered lanterns to good use and maintain them properly, lantern mantles can last for years. Avoid dropping or excessive shaking of the lantern, and put the globe on when the lanterns come in contact with strong wind – then your lantern mantles will be fine.

Final thoughts

In any road trip setup or campsite – a camping lantern can do wonders, even in the darkest time of the day. With this guide in hand, getting the perfect lantern model for your trips does not have to be that hard. For the best camping lanterns out there on the market, Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact is an option that will not leave you disappointed. 

However, if you need your camping lantern for specific applications under harsher conditions – Black Diamond Moji Lantern or Goal Zero Crush Light will be your perfect companion. Consider these options carefully before making your purchase; and next time when you prepare the necessities before getting on the road, put your camping lantern in. With it, you are bound to have some amazing moments on the site – and before you know it, that great feeling will urge you to organize another camping trip yet again.

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