Best Camping Lantern For Summer Vacation in 2023

  Sep 14, 2022 4:46 AM

Want an informative review about the Best Camping Lantern before making a purchase? Our objective and professional editors in the lighting industry are constantly researching and testing dozens of products on the market to come up with this list. Reading it carefully will give you the confidence to make the right buying decision.

Best Camping Lantern For Summer Vacation in 2023
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Best Camping Lantern

We often focus on shelter, sleeping arrangements, and food when talking about important camping equipment. However, the time spent at camp throughout the day is limited. How about illumination then? Headlamps are incredibly useful, but they are not ideal for social situations (who among us hasn't had to apologetically beg a buddy to turn off their light after being blinded by it too many times?). A traditional camping lantern is a simple solution for lighting up our little patch of the planet. And because of many diligent efforts, today's lantern selections are anything but dated and uninteresting.

You may get a wide variety of camping lanterns at any outdoor equipment store, both offline and online. While some camp lights still use gas to operate, others feature built-in battery packs that may be used to recharge portable gadgets. The choice is yours, camper—remain traditional or embrace modernity wholeheartedly.




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There are several things to consider when buying a camping lantern, including the power source, brightness, weight of the lantern, and more. Here are the important points that we want you to focus on.


Lanterns for camping should be somewhat portable. One to two pounds on average, and rarely three pounds, are seen. Because you'll be holding your lantern at an angle, you don't want too much weight to strain your arm as you're moving. However, if a light camping lantern is hung from a tree or inside a tent, it could fall or get damaged.


You'll need a propane camping lantern or one of the more potent (600 lumens and above) LED lamps if you want the outdoor lantern to illuminate your entire campground. You'll want a softer, dimmer light if you're fishing and need light for your equipment or something to light up your ski chalet at night. Lumens typically correspond to brightness, however in some circumstances, ambient light or soft light (anyone have any string lights around? ) is preferable.


Usually, weight distribution determines this. A lantern is not particularly portable if it is awkwardly heavy on one side or lacks a large enough handle. Some versions only need that you set them down, turn them on, and leave them alone, but portability should be taken into account if you anticipate using your lantern for late-night toilet runs or explorations.

The necessary battery type and quantity

If you're hiking a distance, keep in mind that flashlight batteries are more expensive and bulkier than AA or AAA ones. Both solar-powered and rechargeable camping lantern solutions are often relatively lightweight.

Brief duration

It's important to know how long the camping lantern will run on a full charge, a full tank of gas, or a fresh set of batteries. In general, the better, the longer the battery life. Camping lanterns that are easily recharged, such solar-powered models, might not require as much run time.

Light functions and modes

Multiple light settings are advantageous. For example, being on the beach and not disturbing others is ideal when using the red light option. Every camp lantern has different brightness levels as usual, and many have a dial to change the brightness. In an emergency, a blinking setting may also be crucial!

IP scores and water resistance

Water resistance and IP ratings are important if you plan to take your camp light on a kayak or raft trip, a snowy ski hut trip, or anywhere else where there is a danger of wetness. This will help you have a device that can withstand its intended setting, the outdoors.


On extended hikes, a camping lantern will typically be less useful the bigger it is. However, smaller lanterns might not be bright enough for outdoor camping or vast settings. A full moon night will also require less lighting than a new moon night.


Depending on your use, stability might be a make or break characteristic. Any camp lantern that will be standing on its own must be stable enough to endure some wind and motions. A lantern you intend to hang or carry about may not need to sit on a table well.
Additional features are usually a nice, but they are not required. Examples include phone charging ports and other convenience or survival elements. Even though new features are great, they aren't really worth spending a lot more money on.

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  • How Many Lumens Will a Camping Lantern Need?

For the majority of campers, 100 lumens or more are sufficient to illuminate most camp areas. 50–75 lumens can do if you like a softer glow. Electric lamps with less than 50 lumens work well inside tents.

  • What Lantern Is the Best for Power Outages?

A brighter lamp with replaceable batteries will work nicely for sporadic use. Replaceable batteries are the best option when there is no external power source available. Candle lanterns will also function well because they don't need any fuel other than the candle itself.

  • What Is a Lantern Mantle?

Gas-powered lanterns have mantles, which are ceramic mesh bags that house the flame. They minimize and contain the flame inside the lamp.

  • How Durable Are Lantern Mantles?

A lantern mantle can last for many years if you take care of it. Avoid dropping or shaking your lantern too often, as well as exposing it to strong winds, to increase the lifespan of the mantle.

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Before purchasing the best camping lantern, consider factors such battery type, battery count, extra features, weight, and bulk.

If you're going into the worst weather, keep in mind that these delicate electronics can be quickly destroyed by rain and misuse, so opt for a tough and weatherproof lantern!

Without a doubt, LED lanterns are the most effective and efficient way to illuminate the interior of your tent, vehicle, or recreational vehicle. When you need a lot of flood lighting outside, Coleman's tried-and-true gas lantern can be a terrific option.

Every lantern has a perfect use, and your particular requirements will determine which lanterns are best for you.